I have sensitive skin.  My face flushes easily when I laugh, cry, am surprised or embarrassed.  Also, when I lightly scratch my skin it puffs up to form temporary, painless welts.  Being an artist, I’ve decided to use this gift to make art.  Photographs, wallpaper, collage, video, and temporary tattoos are inspired by this skin condition.  It’s called dermatographism–literally writing on the skin–and I’d like to use this blog to share images and stories about it.  Please send anything you’d like to share about living with dermatographia to arianapage@gmail.com

Some of you have asked how I manage the condition.  I do not take antihistamines, but I do drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Plus I try to use all natural products for sensitive skin.  For example, coconut oil is a great moisturizer and calms irritated skin–so does 100% shea butter.  Thankfully this works for me and my dermatographia isn’t so bothersome.  However, if your condition is difficult to manage, talk with your doctor about other treatments.


-Ariana Page Russell

Please find me at my new blog, Skin Tome.  And I’d love it if you contribute a story about dermatographia!


7 responses to “About

  1. imam

    Hi i’m french so my english is not very good, i see what you are doing with your ddermatographism.wordpress.com/ermographism and i love it, me to i want to share some picture of me because i have the same thing, but i don’t know how to do

  2. Stella

    Hello you guys! :-)
    I’m Stella from Greece and I recently found that I have dermatographism. Since now , I thought it was very natural and common to have this reaction up on my skin and it was pretty funny. Also my cheeks are red almost all the time and it’s pretty funhny , as well :-P

  3. Alicia

    I have dermatographism. I want to learn to play the guitar, is this going to be a problem? I’ve been told I will get blisters on my fingers when I first learn to play the guitar. Is having dermatographism going to make it worse? Should I maybe learn the flute instead?

    • Hi Alicia,
      I used to play guitar, and did get blisters at first. But then I built up callouses and it was totally fine. It’s no worse than anyone learning to play guitar. I say go for it if that’s your instrument of choice!

  4. Annalisa Monteverdi

    Hi guys!
    my name is Annalisa, I’m from Italy, last week I graduated, my thesis was all about skin, when skin becomes art, and Ariana is a huge and maybe the best example  out there!
    I just wanted to share this!

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