Arda Bolat’s Story


Ya Türkçe yazsana bacım

I have the same condition as you

From Adana, Turkey



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Skin Tome’s Story


Hello all!  As you can see, I haven’t been updating Dermatographic lately.  This is because I’m working on my new blog, Skin Tome.  Please find me and your fellow dermatographics there.  And don’t forget to send me an email to be featured on Skin Tome!

And also, dermatographia is cool! ;’ )

Thanks all!


arianapage @ gmail . com

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Patrycja Höller’s Story


Hello! As I said, I’m sending to You my photo!
I had dermatographia already when I was like 7 years old – now I’m 15
and I still have it.  First time I didn’t know what it is, what it’s
called and if there is maybe something wrong with me? But then i found
You, and Your beautiful photos. You showed me with them, that
dermatograpia it’s something very special! Now, when I have occasion I
will just say thank You! Some people are sad about having
dermatographia but not me. I’m happy for it because it’s like art on
my own skin! I’m pretty sure I’d be like other people if I didn’t
found your blog!

Thank you again, Patrycja/somnambulizm! From Poland

P.S. If there are any mistakes – sorry! I’m not that good in English.

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Aily’s Story



Hi I’m Aily from the Philippines. I only found out I had this skin allergy after graduating from college. Although I’d seen it occurring on my younger brother for years, and then my mom told us she also had it when she was younger but it disappeared a few years later, now I had it confirmed that it may have been genetic. Thankfully it’s not worse and I’ve asked my dermatologist about it but she says there’s still no cure and its nothing contagious so I don’t need to worry. Hopefully this will go away just like what happened to my Mom.

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Gabrielle Mari’s Story


Hello my name is Gabrielle. I’ve found out that I am one of the few people that have dermatographia. This skin condition Is amazing. When ever I get bored I just draw on myself, being a bored artist in pre-algebra what else do you expect me to do? My friends in middle school all mess with it too all the oooo’s and awes and maybe a few eewwww’s but hey what can you do? All I have to say is people with dermatographia our skin is cooler than theirs.

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Lisa Haeghebaert’s Story


Thank you for making what we have an art-form & giving me a way to explain to people it’s perfectly normal and beautiful. I have lived with it for years trying to hide it and now I can say it’s my art.


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Kimberly’s Story

photo 2  photo

Hello other dermatographics,
I’m a teenager living in Sydney, Australia and I’ve had hives for almost 4 years now. At school, I easily get imprints on my forearm after resting it on tables and they always get mistaken as self harm marks.
After seeing everyone else share their art on this page, I was inspired to as well! My friends drew on my arm at school today and my dermatographia attracted a lot of attention, haha! Everyone wanted to draw on me and some people even decided to colour some of the patterns in.
With everyone crowding around me, people were saying things like, “I wish I had a cool skin condition like you!”

All these “ideas” made me realise how I could take advantage
Of my hives!

photo 4

photo 1

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